Russian system of differentional correction and monitoring
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Analysis of ephemeris support
Measurement accuracy of GLONASS pseudoranges
Measurement precision of GPS pseudoranges
Error of GLONASS ephemeris support
Error of GPS ephemeris support
Error of GLONASS ephemeris support

Errors of ephemeris support according to GLONASS NSV are introduced in orbit coordinate system: along the orbit - red line, along binormal by the orbit - green line and by radius-vector - blue line. Threshold value for each error component are given in the dimension of 3 Values of ICD GLONASS (ed. 5.1)

At the initial load the pages on the top diagram are shown the ephemeris errors by one satellite of the system for 8-days period until the current date.In operation with the program we can choose the satellite, for which we have to look at the information concerning ephemeris data, ending date of interval and the period for which the information is necessary.Maximum interval is equal to 8 days.