Russian system of differentional correction and monitoring
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GLONASS global navigation satellite system. Interface control document (ed. 5.1, the project of 2007 year).

Document:  SDCM ICD(ed. 1.0)

The reason of release of ICD new edition is as FSUE RISDE is the head organisation of the GLONASS system at the current moment. FSUE RISDE is responsible for working out, coordination, changes, storage and distribution of ICD of GLONASS system.

Besides that, in new eddition some remarks of interested organisations are considered. Numbers of corrected sections of ICD (ed. 5.0, 2002) are listed in " registration sheet of changes" of GLONASS ICD.(ed. 5.1, the project of 2007 year)

The address on which remarks and offers concerning the ICD text can be sent, are given in GLONASS ICD (ed. 5.1, the project of 2007 year)


  Federal state unitary enterprise "Russian institute of space device engineering" (FSUE "RISDE"). 

  Federal space agency ("Roscosmos").

  The coordination scientifically-information centre ("CSIC") of the Russian Federation. The centre publishes the official information concerning the status of GLONASS navigation satellite system, provides the consultations and the information for increased efficiency of system application. This center is the official representative of GLONASS system interests at symposiums and conferences.

  Mission control and simulation center of Federal space agency (Roscosmos).

  JSC "Information satellite systems "Reshetnev company ".

International organizations

  Site of global network of reference stations equipped with GPS and GPS/GLONASS receivers.Outputs of IGS service are the files of raw measurements in RINEX format, the specified orbits of GLONASS and GPS satellites in SP3 format and many other things.

  Galileo home page

The United States of America and Canada

  Site of reference stations network in the territory of the USA, supported by Scripps institute of oceanography and San Diego university. Files of raw measurements in RINEX format are provided to users, as well as updated orbits of GPS satellites in SP3 format and many other things.

  Committee of GPS civil application

  The federal aviation administration

  National geodetic service

  Institute of navigation of the USA.

  Space geodesy forum in Canada


  The site of the Czech Technical University provides the information about the structure of orbit constellation of GLONASS and GPS systems, and also the almanacs of GLONASS and GPS systems.

  Germany. The site is under the authority of the Federal Agency of Geodesy and Cartography. The site presents the official information about the GLONASS system. Users are provided the possibility to download the GLONASS and GPS almanacs in Yuma format, and also access to software for calculation of GLONASS visibility according to the almanac.